Vilas zoo hospital adding interactive SMART Board

Addition through a contribution by Alliant foundation
Vilas zoo hospital adding interactive SMART Board
Photo courtesy SMART Technologies

Henry Vilas Zoo is adding a flat screen interactive display to its new animal health center after a $3,200 donation from the Alliant Energy Foundation.

The technology is a SMART Board, a large touchscreen board that supports interactive use.

Zoo educational staff said they will use the board to present educational video, interactive lessons and for staff education.

The Animal Health Center hosted its grand opening Saturday after two months of construction. The center features viewing areas for visitors to witness animal care in progress.

“SMART Board technology will enable a leading-edge educational facility for our state-of-the-art medical facility, making learning more interactive and accessible to our more than 720,000 annual zoo visitors,” said Anna Reynolds, executive director of Friends of the Zoo.