Video shows 10-year-old getting a tattoo

Video shows 10-year-old getting a tattoo
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Police in Ohio are investigating after a Facebook video surfaced showing a 10-year-old child getting a tattoo in a living room.

According to authorities, the boy’s mother allowed him to get the tattoo. Police said it’s not yet clear who should be charged or what crime, if any, was committed.

“It bothered me,” said Lt. Rick Herring of the Bellefontaine, Ohio, police. “I’m a father and a grandfather and what I saw bothered me.”

The video has led to hundreds of phone calls to the Bellefontaine police.

“The phones have not stopped ringing,” Herring said. “We’ve gotten calls from several different states of people that are concerned for the welfare of this child.”

Police said they visited the home of the child’s mother. The child was not in any distress and had asked for the tattoo.

When contacted, the child’s mother told a reporter for WSYX-TV that the tattoo was fake.

But police said it is real, and it’s leading to questions.

When the investigation is finished, police will likely turn the case over to the county prosecutor, WSYX reported.