Video chain makes cheesy changes, serves pizza

VIDEO: Family Video adds restaurant

Family Video leaders are making changes to their stores as they see movie watchers’ habits change. The company is adding pizza restaurants, and one could be coming to the area. 

For busy families like Kelly Johnson’s,  a trip to the video store is an opportunity for them to spend quality time together.

“We like love stories, action, and cartoons for the kids and we also like to get candy for the kids,” Johnson said.

Her husband, Erik Rios, said they come to Family Video about once a week to check out the new releases. In the ’80s video killed the radio star and now subscription-based services like Netflix are being blamed for the collapse of the traditional video store.

Family Video is now partnering with Ohio-based pizza chain Marcos. “It’s convenience really,” said store Manager Mike Pregont.

“People can make one stop, get your pizza, get your dinner and entertainment all at the same place,” Pregont said. He manages the Family Video on Center Avenue in Janesville. He said they will have to make room for the pizza restaurant inside their existing store.

He said they will likely move the kids video section to put in a pick-up window. Donna Klingaman rents from the Center Avenue store and said a pizza restaurant in the store is a great idea. “If I know I can get both, I’ll make that stop more times,” she said.

The first Marco’s could come to Janesville sometime in the next five months. “It’s not a done deal yet but we’re optimistic that it’s going to go through. It fits the criteria for a good location,” Pregont said.

Customers will also have the option of having their movie delivered with their pizza. Erik Rios said delivery would give him more time to spend with his family.

“Then I wouldn’t have to go anywhere! Straight home from work and then just call them right up. That’d be nice,” Rico said.

Across the country, Family Video has already rolled out about 35 of these pizza and video stores. He said the store they opened a few months ago in West Bend is now the second-busiest restaurant in the company.