Victim in deadly arson case charged with theft

Sharon Wand accused of taking property from nursing home, residents
Victim in deadly arson case charged with theft
Sharon Wand

The wife of a man convicted in the death of his three sons in a fire is charged with theft while recovering in a nursing home from injuries sustained in the fire.

Sharon Wand, 27, is the wife of Armin Wand, who was convicted for the deaths of his three sons in a September fire at the couple’s house in Argyle.

In a report from April, investigators said Sharon Wand had taken property belonging to the Bloomfield Manor nursing home and other residents in the nursing home, including medical supplies, jewelry, DVDs and electronics, kitchen supplies and other knickknacks.

Nursing home staff members told investigators that when Wand was questioned about possible thefts, she would become emotional and would try to make people “feel ‘bad’ because of her past experiences.”

Investigators were also told by staff members that Wand’s visitors had been seen leaving with “full” looking duffel bags.

Marilyn Volenec’s 90-year-old mother, Sophie Moen, lives in Bloomfield Manor and her mother is very much her own person.

Moen can only have a few possessions and her favorite is an Easter figurine Volenec gave her years ago.

Volenec said the figurine was sitting on her mom’s dressing until someone stole it, and according to the Iowa County Sheriff, dozens of other items from three more residents and the nursing home were stolen.

When questioned by investigators, Wand first denied the thefts but later admitted she had taken items without the owners’ consent or had lied to the staff, according to the complaint.

“The law doesn’t give us any leeway for the fact that this person is a crime victim and can commit crimes against others,” said Iowa County Sheriff Steve Michek. “We just can’t overlook the importance of someone doing harm to an elderly, vulnerable adult.”

Victim in deadly arson case charged with theft

Volenec says she has started following Wand’s case more closely and has stopped buying valuables for her mom.

“They have very little that they’re allowed to have and what they do have, they take to heart,” said Volenec.

Wand has been kicked out of Bloomfied and it’s unclear where she’s staying. She’s bonded out of jail, but still requires medical treatment for the burns she suffered in the September fire.

Wand was arrested on May 10. She was charged in Iowa County with three counts of misdemeanor theft and two counts of criminal trespass. A court hearing is scheduled for June 25.