Victim credits surveillance video in arrest of attacker

MPD: 21-year-old charged in Langdon Street attack

The arrest of 21-year-old Luis Castillejos in the attack of a woman on Langdon Street around 3 a.m. May 30 came in large part because of surveillance video.

That video appears to show Castillejos following the victim from one building to another. The victim said he hit her in the head with an object, knocking her to the ground. She was able to fight the man off and he fled the area.

Madison police released the surveillance video to the public and immediately started getting tips about the identity of the man.

“I think without the video we’re still trying to figure out who this person is,” said Joel DeSpain, spokesperson for the Madison Police Department.

News 3 spoke by telephone with the victim of the attack and is protecting her identity. She said she is grateful for the quick arrest of the suspect.

“I 100 percent agree with the police. I think the video from the apartment building was critical. I mean, not that people wouldn’t have believed me, but there was no way to corroborate my story without that extra evidence,” the victim said.

The clarity of the surveillance video of the suspect is being credited with the quick identification.

“We could have put out, and we do put out, descriptions of people, but that fits a lot of different folks. But that picture only points to one face and it was the individual that we arrested last night,” DeSpain said.

Castillejos was arrested for recklessly endangering safety. Police are investigating any possible connection he might have to similar attacks in recent years.

The victim in this case hopes the effectiveness the surveillance video had in making this arrest will spur increased use of security cameras.

“I will say that I wish every apartment building along the street had one of those cameras because it wasn’t just the fact that it was a camera, it was an excellent camera. The picture was crystal clear. It was impossible to not see this guy’s face,” the victim said.