Veterinarians warn pet owners about deadly vaping dangers

Veterinarians are warning pet owners about the dangers of vaping to animals.

A dog was seen at VCA Veterinary Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialty Center in Middleton after it ate a marijuana vape device.

“It seemed like a very typical marijuana ingestion. The dog seemed pretty severely affected,” Tristan Daugherty-Leiter, an emergency veterinarian, said. “The owner fortunately admitted to the ingestion of it.”

Veterinarians say with little research, it is more difficult for doctors to predict the side effects small animals might experience.

“The concern and the problem is that with any of these vaping liquids, the concentration is just an absolute mystery. There is very little information out there that is credible or useful,” Daugherty-Leiter said. “So, you have no idea how much they got, you have no idea in terms of what the dose the dog may have gotten, how long this might last.”

Daugherty-Leiter said the side effects pets might experience in a toxic overdose are tremors, salivation, diarrhea, high heart rates, cardiac arrhythmias, seizures and death. He said liquid tends to be more concentrated, making the side effects more concentrated, but those symptoms may not be visible right away.

“Even if they seem to look normal initially, they can certainly have effects pretty quickly that you may not realize,” Daugherty-Leiter said.

Vets are warning pet owners to keep the vaping devices away from pets. It doesn’t take much for a small dog to overdose on nicotine or marijuana. So stay safe and stick to treats � #News3Now

— Gabriella Bachara (@GabbyBachara) September 23, 2019

Veterinarian Shawn Hook said the chemicals and oils in the air can affect small pets, especially birds.

“Be careful too because some of the things you get on yourself because it does produce oils as you vape. Those get on things in your car or your house and that oil… if it comes in contact can affect them too. It doesn’t necessarily just have to be from the vial itself,” Hook said.

Regardless if vaping is banned, veterinarians predict they will continue to see toxic ingestion.

“We’ve seen nicotine ingestion for years, and we’ve seen marijuana ingestion for years. I think humans will always find ways to use these drugs, so if they ban vaping apparatuses, something else will come along, and we will continue to see nicotine, marijuana and all of the usual things that humans, they want access to these, they will find access to these and we will see the effects of it,” Daugherty-Leiter said.

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