Verona’s The Purple Goose introduces makerspace

The Purple Goose has been a staple for women’s fashion and accessories for the past 15 years.
table in the purple goose covered in products The Purple Goose
Photo by Timothy Hughes

Since moving to Verona’s historic Matt’s House in 2018, the owner of The Purple Goose, Halley Jones, has been figuring out how to best utilize the upstairs space.

Before she moved into the space from her previous location, it was a vacated building that needed to be completely gutted before it was habitable again.

When Jones saw the renovations she was immediately amazed at the progress, especially with the changes in the upstairs, which used to be a grungy two-bedroom apartment. The space was now bright with exposed brick and hardwood floors.

Jones says she walked in and immediately thought, “This is going to be great. I don’t know what it’s going to be, but it’s going to be something great.”

The Purple Goose has been a staple in Verona and in the area for women’s fashion and accessories for the past 15 years. When it first moved to Matt’s House, the bottom floor was designated for the boutique, and then the upstairs, called Brick House Studio, was used for markets, events, some classes and rentable space.

Jones says more and more customers of the boutique downstairs were interested in what was going to be permanently upstairs.

“It was obvious to me that not only should we do something more up here, but people were expecting us to do more up here,” Jones says.

She decided it was time to make something happen so in January she launched a new makerspace to connect makers with the community and create unique items for the shop.

At Brick House Studio, Jones is encouraging local makers to teach members of the community how to make a product. Jones says she’s working with candle, jewelry, textile and other artisans to teach classes or host workshops in the makerspace.

“I just need a handful of people that want to share their skills with others and are completely happy to do so,” Jones says.

People making products will get paid for each item they make and the items will be for sale at The Purple Goose.

“The maker feels good because they’re teaching somebody something that they love and something that they’re passionate about,” Jones says. “The person who is learning is being fulfilled.”

Jones has hosted a couple jewelry making sessions since launching the makerspace. The master artisans taught people how to make jewelry and then they’re able to earn money based on the quantity and quality of the pieces made. If interested in participating at the makerspace, check out Brick House Studio or The Purple Goose on Facebook for up-to-date information.


Middleton-based skincare company Bua Organics creates an all-natural, cruelty-free sugar exfoliant. $16

container of exfoliant

Photo by Timothy Hughes

Inspired by astrological signs, Monroe’s Kristi Moe created 12 perfumes based on each sign’s positive attributes for her company Zodica Perfumery. $40

bottle of zodiac perfumery

Photo by Timothy Hughes

To give shoppers plenty of options, The Purple Goose stocks jeans from three different companies that make quality denim: Dear John Denim, Level99 and Articles of Society (prices listed respectively). $88, $99, $75-$88

pair of jeans

Photo by Timothy Hughes

This season, the shop will have more than 20 styles of comfortable yet stylish spring and summer shoes from Corkys Footwear. Prices vary

Boots with alligator print

Photo by Timothy Hughes

Each candle made at Waunakee’s Lake Life Candle Co. is 100% soy and can burn for more than 70 hours. $20

Lake Life Candle

Photo by Timothy Hughes

In each Starfish Project box of jewelry is the name of the woman who made the product. The company helps exploited women in Asia by providing jobs, shelter, counseling and more. Prices vary


Photo by Timothy Hughes

Find Them: The Purple Goose, 101 N. Main St., Verona,