Verona Church requests partial exemption to mask mandate

Good Shepard staff on stage sing

VERONA, Wis. — A church in Verona is hoping to get a partial exemption to the mask mandate for their preachers when maintaining a safe social distance during their sermons.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church representatives said they reached out to Dane County on Wednesday about the exemption because it would be easier for the group’s elderly members to hear sermons while uninhibited from reading lips.

“We don’t have the capability to run a teleprompter live underneath the sermon to transcribe our words at the same time so just trying to figure out what that balance might look like,” said Good Shepherd Senior Pastor Chris Enstad. 

At this point the church is still choosing to stream their sermons online exclusively so no more than 10 staff members are in the space during the service.

Enstad said should the County respond unfavorably to their inquiry they will continue to adhere to the mandate and have no plans to press the issue further.

“There’s enough other things going on in the world,” he added. “We’re just asking questions.”