Verona Area High School to have additional police presence after 3 fights in 1 day

3 students arrested, 3 injured
Verona Area High School to have additional police presence after 3 fights in 1 day

Verona Area High School will have additional police presence on campus Friday after police responded to three fights in one day.

The police school liaison reported the first fight in the common area of the high school at 11:55 a.m. Thursday, according to a news release from the Verona Police Department. When officers arrived, school staff had already separated the students. Police believe a small group was involved in the physical fight and a larger group gathered to watch and record it.

The liaison officer reported a second large fight exactly an hour later near the performing arts center. The officer had to physically restrain a student who was still trying to actively fight despite the restraints.

Because of this, the officer had a hard time calling for assistance over the radio. Police said the sound of distress led them to send a large law enforcement response to the school, including deputies from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. When law enforcement arrived, they detained multiple students, according to the police report.

Police said multiple parents were upset and were yelling, threatening staff and creating a disturbance following the second fight. Officers stayed at the school until the adults left the building. According to the news release, this is when the liaison officer was kicked by a student.

Media release regarding the fights at VAHS today. Involved students won’t be returning to school tomorrow and we will have an extra presence throughout the day.

— Verona PD (@VeronaWI_PD) May 10, 2019

A boy was transported to a hospital because he was battered by the group in the second fight.

Police were called to the school a third time at 2:46 p.m. Thursday. The liaison officer called for an ambulance to respond to the commons area of the high school because a girl was injured in a fight. Fitch-Rona Emergency Medical Services responded to the girl while officers broke up the fight.

Police arrested a girl for punching an officer during this fight. Officers also arrested a boy after learning he was the primary aggressor in the fight, according to the report. Police said during the arrests, a girl flipped over a table. She was also arrested. A staff member was also injured in this fight and needed medical attention.

All three of the fights remain under investigation by police.

The Verona Area School District also released a letter to parents Thursday night. In it, officials said all of the students involved in all three of the altercations have been suspended until further notice. The suspensions include students who were using social media to continue the conflicts Thursday night.

“We work to get information out to our families as quickly as possible,” Principal Pam Hammen wrote. “In some cases, as in this one, that notice is not as timely as we’d like it to be and not as timely as you need it to be.”

The high school will have an increased police presence Friday.

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