Vandals wreck Christmas lights display, cause $3,000 in damage

The Beaver Dam Rotary Club and volunteers are repairing their Christmas lights display in Swan Park after multiple vandals allegedly stole a golf cart from a nearby school and drove through it, wrecking multiple arrangements of the display, according to officials.

“I don’t know that these displays are going to be usable in another year because of the damage,” Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt said. “It may only be a temporary fix. We are going to have to replace those things.”

Schmidt said there were thousands of dollars in damage. A local company volunteered staff members to weld some of the decorations back together.

“There is a lot of time that has gone into this, a lot of hard work, a lot of design has gone into it,” Schmidt said. “Beyond that, there is a lot of money and donations that have come in from the community to make it possible.”

The Beaver Dam Rotary Club is asking for donations to fix the lights display and make it even bigger next year. It’s also asking for donations for surveillance cameras with Wi-Fi that will monitor Swan Park 24 hours a day, year-round.

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