Vandals spray paint, damage property with rocks, BBs

Madison police

Police are investigating multiple reports of damaged property in an East Madison area over the last two weeks.

Madison police said several citizens reported finding spray paint on homes and parked vehicles this past weekend. Most complaints came in Sunday morning with victims telling police that vandals had hit sometime overnight.

The damaged property reports included areas on Catalina Parkway, Eagle Cave Drive and Bautista Drive.

The week prior, nearly a dozen residents reported finding windows of parked vehicles broken by rocks or BBs. In one case, a home window was damaged, Madison police said.

The MPD was notified of the vandalism on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the last weekend in August.

Some streets where glass was shattered include Tulane Avenue, Harding Street, Vernon Avenue, Merryturn Road, Rockwell Drive and Buckingham Lane.

It is not known if the two crime sprees are connected, but anyone with information on any of the crimes is encouraged to contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014.