Valentine’s Day is busy for Cupid’s messengers

Singing Valentine delivered to florist

From sun-up to sound-down the Capitol Chordsmen travel throughout the area delivering acappella messages of love.

“Today is very busy. We have a lot of Valentines we want to deliver,” said Dave Barger, a member of the barbershop quartet. “We have roughly 17 or 18 that we’re delivering all day in Dane County.”

While the popularity of the singing Valentines keeps the Capitol Chordsmen busy throughout the day, it also provides them with moments of gratification.

“I like bringing joy to people. They really, really enjoy that, for the most part. There’s a few that are a bit terrified about it when they see us coming, but I do think that they enjoy it,” Barger said.

This Valentine’s Day the Capitol Chordsmen’s busy day came face to face with someone else’s. They delivered a singing Valentine to a florist shop.

“It is crazy busy around Valentine’s Day,” said Kathryn Derauf, an employee at Klein’s floral and greenhouse.

The florists at Klein’s have been busy creating arrangements all week in preparation for Valentine’s Day, but Cupid took a time out when the Capitol Chordsmen surprised Derauf with a singing Valentine from her boyfriend.

“It kind of makes sense. They’re delivering flowers and we’re delivering singing Valentines,” Barger said.