Vaccine demand starts to slow in Dane County

MADISON, Wis.– Demand is slowing down and that’s partially due to more than half the people in Dane County being fully vaccinated.

“We’re really at the cusp of this big change in what we’re seeing for vaccine demand,” COVID Vaccine Deputy Tess Ellens said.

Ellens said as the demand shifts, so does Public Health Madison Dane County’s approach.

“We tried to open it up to really make sure that we are capturing all of those people who might still need the vaccine,” Ellens said. “We’re hitting the population of people that weren’t those really eager to get vaccine right away,” Ellens said.

Public Health isn’t alone. A week’s worth of appointments at UW Health Health used to fill up in hours. Now, it takes days.

“We’re starting to get into maybe some people who are either less motivated or they’re a little less sure,” Senior Medical Director Matt Anderson said.

Anderson sees a strong need for herd immunity, but admits there’s a chance we never reach it.

“If we hit a plateau and we don’t get to a point where there’s herd immunity, then I think what we’re gonna see is more virus,” Anderson said.

That’s why Anderson said the momentum can’t slow down now.

“There’s a lot of reason to feel safe about it and feel good about it,” Anderson said. “You would be doing a great service to your community, in addition to protecting yourself.”