UWPD: Relatively safe weekend sees unsafe levels of intoxication

19-year-old student with 0.32 percent BAC walks into door at Gordon Commons
UWPD: Relatively safe weekend sees unsafe levels of intoxication

University of Wisconsin-Madison police said Halloween weekend was relatively safe, but there were several instances of extreme alcohol use and unsafe levels of intoxication.

On Sunday, just after midnight, a UWPD officer observed a 19-year-old student walk into a closed door at the entrance of Gordon Commons, according to a release. The student stumbled inside the building, his speech was thick and slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.

The officer said the student provided three different dates when he was asked for his birth date.

A preliminary breath test indicated the man’s blood alcohol content was 0.32 percent, according to the release. He was taken to detox and was also issued an underage alcohol citation.

“While the man’s level of intoxication was alarming, just as alarming was the fact that he was in this condition alone, with no responsible friends in sight,” the release said.

UWPD issued 29 underage alcohol consumption or possession citations and transported 13 people to detox over the Halloween weekend, officials said. Officers also had to take many incapacitated individuals to hospitals, as the detox center was already at capacity by early Saturday night.

“While most were responsible in their Halloween celebrations this past weekend, the levels of intoxication by some were irresponsible and could have been deadly,” the release said.