UW- Whitewater baseball and softball look for titles

UW- Whitewater baseball and softball look for titles

“With this team we always knew it was something possible. Being able to be on that dog pile was one of the most exciting things this year and hopefully we get to do it again in Appleton,” said Scott Plaza, whitewater baseball pitcher.

For the sixth time in school history, the Whitewater baseball team is the division III college world series in Appleton. It’s their first trip since 2001 and they won the title in 2005.

“Right from the start of the season we have always had the goal to win the world series and getting the opportunity to have the chance that is what we are looking for,” said Mikole Pierce, Whitewater baseball infielder.

The Whitewater softball team also has a chance to win a title.

“Getting the chance to go to the national tournament is like a dream of mine especially everyone on this team and as a senior its a great way to go out,” said Morgan Krisch, Whitewater softball first baseman.

The softball team is back in the championship series for the first time since 2008 and sixth overall.

“The 9 to 10 starters –to every single player on the bench– pinch hitters to pinch runners– it’s 100 percent team effort we have faith in everyone’s ability,” said Kelly McGrail.

According to the Whitewater Athletic department, no school in any division has ever won Football, Basketball, Baseball or Softball in the same season. Whitewater has already done the first two.

“Warhawks athletics is a family we say 20 sports one team its awesome that we are keeping this tradition going,” said McGrail.

“It’s awesome just being a part of school the tradition is we win, that is what we do,” said Krisch.
“The big slogan here is powered by tradition for all sports to keep winning and we just keep building on it, its what we want to do,”said Pierce.
“It’s in the back of our minds we want to bring back another national championship and fill that trophy case even more than it already is,” said Plaza.