UW welcomes record number of Chinese students

UW welcomes record number of Chinese students

A record number of Chinese students are flocking to the U.S. For higher education and the University of Wisconsin is a popular destination. It may be dead on campus right now, but things will certainly pick up at the start of the new semester as UW educates one of its largest number of Chinese in the 2015-2016 students ever.

Student Xuanrong Guo is in his third year at UW, and here he goes by Gavin. Graduating in his native china in 2008, Gavin knew he wanted to continue his education in a different country.

“To see what the world looks like,” he said.

After fielding a number offers from U.S. schools like UCLA. He decided to pursue a PhD in biochemical engineering at University of Wisconsin. And he’s not alone in wanting to be a Badger.

“I can tell that more and more students want to seek higher education here,” he said.

In the last five years, the number of Chinese students attending UW has gone up by more than 350 in graduate program, and nearly 600 in undergraduate studies.

Some reports attribute the uptick across the country to China’s growing middle class. Gavin said he chose UW because its program stood out as one of the best not only in the U.S. but the world.

“I think the faculty is great and they are very serious about their research and all of my lab mates are very helpful,” he said.

And once he graduates he plans to put his education to good use in the states, at least for a little while.

“There are more opportunities in the future than I could imagine, so who knows.”

Chinese make up about 30 percent of all international students studying here in the U.S, India and South Korea come in 2nd and third place with about 10 percent.