UW UHS busy vaccinating students, staff with new eligibility

MADISON, Wis. — University of Wisconsin Health Services vaccine appointments opened up to all students and employees Monday after Wisconsin expanded eligibility to everyone 16 and older.

The webpage for UW UHS was slow to respond as students tried to get an appointment through it.

Meredith McGlone, a spokesperson for the university, said UHS was receiving about 1,200 first doses this week.

“You might imagine at a campus population our size, we’ll go through those pretty quickly,” McGlone said.

With the end of semester near and so few vaccine, students aren’t likely to be fully vaccinated by the university before they leave for the summer.

In an email to students, UW encouraged students to find other locations to look for vaccine appointments in Madison to ensure they get immunized quickly.

If students and employees get vaccinated through UHS, their records will updated and they can opt out of the twice-weekly testing that’s occurred on campus since January.

Staff or students who get vaccinated off-campus can also opt out of the testing when they update their immunization record online.

McGlone said, “As soon as campus knows that you are fully vaccinated, and you’re two weeks past your last dose of vaccine, then you no longer need to participate in routine campus testing. You’re Badger Badge, as we call it, will turn green and stay green.”

A green Badger Badge is needed to enter all campus buildings at this time.

What does more vaccinations mean for the future of UW’s beloved Terrace?

“That, I’m sure, is one of the most anticipated questions in the community: When is the terrace reopening and who will be allowed to go to the terrace? As soon as we know more about that, we will tell the community,” said McGlone.