UW Transportation Services switches from meter to mobile

UW Transportation Services switches from meter to mobile

The removal of 141 coin meters on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus will be replaced with signs for a new mobile pay system called ‘Parkmobile.’

The new pay system can be used three different ways — with a smartphone app, online, or with phone call, which can be beneficial to anyone who visits the campus area.

“I used to get a lot of parking tickets because I never had enough coins and the meter would always run out before I needed it to, so this seems better,” UW student Michele Hiserodt said.

People may like the idea, but they said it seems like a lot of work to pay for parking when you think of setting everything up and learning how the app functions.

“To get my credit card hooked up to it and have money on my debit card and make sure that that’s another fund that’s coming out of it,” Hiserodt said.

On the plus side, if you are in a hurry or forget to pay your mobile meter, you can do it from wherever you are from your phone.

UW Transportation Services plans to complete the installation of these mobile signs by Sept. 1.