UW System regents meeting to discuss tuition hike

Regents will also discuss increasing financial aid
UW Madison
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Top officials in the University of Wisconsin System are meeting to discuss a possible tuition increase and other issues.

The Board of Regents is gathering at UW-Milwaukee for a two-day meeting starting Thursday morning.

One of the top agenda items is a proposal by UW System President Kevin Reilly to increase tuitions by 5.5 percent at all 13 four-year campuses.

A secondary item will be a recommendation to increase financial aid for low-income students. The board will also receive an update on precautions put in place after the Penn State sexual-abuse scandal.

If the tuition increase is approved, UW-Madison students would pay more than $10,000 annually in tuition and fees.

This is the sixth straight year that Reilly has recommended the maximum 5.5 percent tuition hike for in-state students.