UW students share advice as they graduate college

More than 6,000 students graduated Saturday

As thousands of University of Wisconsin-Madison graduates prepare for their next step in life, several shared advice for future Badgers.

Ciara Bridges is a 20-year-old who graduated Saturday with degrees in psychology and sociology, as well as a minor.

“Ask for help,” she said. “It will be useful. It might not be fun but just asking is always worth is.”

Bridges decorated her cap with the phrase ‘young, gifted and black.”UW students share advice as they graduate college

“To me, it means I’m doing it. I’m doing it young, and I’m doing it for not just me, but for my family,” she said.

Bridges said she plans to get a job, work for a little bit and then go back to graduate school.

“I don’t know what I want to do yet, but I’m thinking of being an adviser, helping other students like me,” Bridges said.

Other graduates, like Natalie Bernauer, shared their advice, as well. Bernauer is graduating with a bachelor of science degree in zoology.

“I would say stay true to who you are in college because everybody is different, and everybody’s going to find something that they like to do and something that they’re passionate about,” she said. “So I would just say, stay true to who you are.”UW students share advice as they graduate college

Emily Hoyer offered similar advice. She’s graduated with a bachelor of science degree in psychology.

“Don’t compare yourself to other people,” she said. “Your UW experience is so unique, and there’s so much to do. Just go for it and do what you want and have fun.

Hoyer said her plan is to apply for medical school and become a doctor.

“Just enjoy it,” she said of her college career. “It goes crazy fast. Everybody says it, but it does. It still hasn’t really hit me.”

The commencement speaker for the graduation at Camp Randall Stadium Saturday afternoon was Steven Levitan, a 1984 graduate and the co-creator of the hit TV show “Modern Family.” He offered advice with a side of humor.

“The world is changing, make sure you change with it, but don’t worry about what everyone else is doing,” he said. “If their life was so great, they wouldn’t stop to post pictures of it every two minutes.”UW students share advice as they graduate college

UW-Madison said 6,296 students participated in the ceremony. After listening to several speakers, the students “jumped around” and sang “Varsity” before walking out of the stadium as alumni.

“Wherever you go, be sure and come back to visit us every so often in Madison,” UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank said. “You’ll always be part of UW and I hope that UW will always be part of you.”

UW-Madison estimates about 42,000 people were in the audience for the graduation ceremony. A total of 903 graduate and professional students participated in the graduation ceremony at the Kohl Center Friday night.UW students share advice as they graduate college