UW students face concerns about phishing scam emails

UW students face concerns about phishing scam emails

UW-Madison students received a warning from university cybersecurity last week after many were sent a convincing phishing email.

Last Tuesday, a malicious phishing email claiming to be from Chancelor Rebecca Blank was sent to students. The subject line read “Attention Required,”and the email asked students to open an attached document discussing a “Business Integrity Program.”

Director of the Office of Cybersecurity Bob Turner said that more than 300 students reported the email as suspicious, and the UW office of cybersecurity neutralized the risk by blocking the domain that contained the attached document.

The office then sent out a warning to students and faculty, saying that that the email was not from the chancellor, and suggesting that they should delete it immediately.

According to Turner, phishing emails like this are part of a growing trend.

“It’s really on the rise and really increasing in complexity and sophistication,” said Turner “If it’s an offer that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

UW cybersecurity experts are involved in an awareness campaign to keep faculty and students safe from phishing scams.