UW School of Nursing to offer accelerated program to meet employment needs

Program will help address nursing shortage
UW School of Nursing to offer accelerated program to meet employment needs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2018, an additional 580,000 new and replacement nurses will need to be added to the workforce to meet the employment needs of health care providers.

To help address that need, nursing schools are looking at ways to graduate more students in less time.

“Across the state of Wisconsin we graduate approximately 3,000 nurses, when there is a need for about 7,000,” said Linda Scott, dean of the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing.

Beginning in the fall the UW School of Nursing will begin accepting application for a new program that will help graduate students faster. The accelerated, second degree program will allow a nursing student to graduate in 12 months, instead of the four semesters needed in the traditional program.

“The accelerated, second degree program was prepared for individuals who have degrees already that are outside of nursing, so anywhere from baccalaureate to Ph.D., and yet they want to make a career shift into nursing,” Scott. said.

Accelerated, second degree programs are being offered at more than 200 nursing schools in the U.S.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nurses the graduates of accelerated programs are in high demand by employers. Those employers say they find the graduates of the accelerated programs to be more mature, are quick studies, and arrive with strong clinical skills.

UW School of Nursing will begin teaching the accelerated program in May of 2018 and graduate their first class one year later.

For more information about UW School of Nursing accelerated program, visit their website at: https://nursing.wisc.edu/accelerated-bsn/