UW ranks 6th in national research ranking

UW ranks 6th in national research ranking

The National Science Foundation released its 2016 Higher Research and Development Survey data, showing that the University of Wisconsin-Madison retained sixth place in the national research rankings.

Data on UW-Madison’s 2016 expenditures for research shows the university with nearly $1.16 billion in annual expenditures for research across all fields, about half of which comes from federal awards.

Federal expenditures represent a 6.3 percent increase from the previous fiscal year, or totaling nearly $34 million in new additional spending.

“The increase in expenditures and maintaining our ranking is good news for UW-Madison, showing that the needle is moving in the right direction after a four-year decline in research expenditures,” said Marsha Mailick, UW-Madison vice chancellor for research and graduate education.