UW promises better game experience after concessions issues

National W Club no longer in concessions business; looking for new leadership
UW promises better game experience after concessions issues

Fans can expect more vendors in the stands at the football game this Saturday.

University of Wisconsin Athletics said it has been working with a new concessions vendor, Levy Restaurants, to remedy issues reported by fans at last Saturday’s matchup against UMass.

Fans left the game and took to their computers to report a lack of vendors in the stands and long lines in the concourses that caused some to miss large parts of the game.

“That’s not what we want, certainly,” said Justin Doherty, with UW Athletics. “We want people to come back and leave the games feeling good about their experience here.”

Athletics is now trying to tackle the problem. Levy Restaurants Director of Operations Joe Carney said that they plan to “exponentially increase” the number of vendors in the stands and will be working with more nonprofits to staff stands in the concourses.

Doherty said he wasn’t sure how the large number of vendors would be hired and trained by Saturday.

“That’s up to them, and that’s their job to do that,” said Doherty. “That’s part of why we hired them, obviously.”

The switch from the National W Club as concessions vendor has also prompted a shakeup at that organization. Longtime Executive Director Terry Murawski announced his resignation, citing tension over the concessions contract, which was 80 percent of the company’s income, and the need for new leadership.

“We are back to our core, which is former University of Wisconsin letter winners,” said Jill Reis, interim executive director of the National W Cub. “We are 100 percent focused on our membership. We are just no longer in the concessions business.”

Doherty said they believe there will be better service on Saturday.

“Our expectation is that things are run so our fans have the kind of experience they want to have,” said Doherty. “That’s what we expected last Saturday, and that’s what we expect this Saturday.”

UW promises better game experience after concessions issues