UW Police warn against safety risks of Apple AirTags

Person using an iPhone
File photo

MADISON, Wis. – Apple AirTags are a convenient way to keep track of personal property, but UW Police say they can also be a safety risk.

According to police, the tags can be used for stalking.

To prevent this, Apple added a safety feature that notifies users of a nearby AirTag.

Police said a recent software update has led to more people reporting that they received AirTag warnings while in their rooms, but could not find the nearby tag.

The tags being picked up may be from a nearby apartment or residence hall room, not a malicious actor.

Police said no evidence of AirTag-related stalking has been found on the UW-Madison campus.

Still, the department says there are safety risks.

Here’s how to police say you can keep yourself safe:

  • Be mindful. If you find an AirTag that isn’t yours, use your phone to check the “About this AirTag” information. Call the police to help contact the owner and remove the AirTag’s battery
  • If you receive a message about a nearby AirTag, search for it. If you can’t find it, your phone may be picking up a signal from a neighbor’s AirTag. If you still feel unsafe, call police.