UW police urge lawmakers not to allow weapons in buildings

UW police urge lawmakers not to allow weapons in buildings

Gov. Scott Walker isn’t saying where he stands on a bill that would allow concealed carry gun owners to bring weapons into public university and college buildings in Wisconsin.

But Walker did send signals Tuesday that he supports the measure. He says his greatest fear is people who aren’t supposed to have guns getting them. He says the real threat is not law-abiding citizens.

The Republican-sponsored bill comes less than two weeks after a gunman killed nine people at a community college in Oregon.

Under current law, license holders can carry guns on the grounds of public colleges and universities but they are barred in campus buildings.

Walker said he will have to see how the bill is drafted before commenting on his support.

Police who protect the University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus in Madison are urging state lawmakers not to allow concealed weapons to be carried into campus buildings.

UW-Madison Police spokesman Marc Lovicott issued a statement Tuesday coming out against the bill circulated Monday by Republican lawmakers.

Lovicott said the campus would not be safer if firearms were allowed in the buildings.

He said, “Allowing concealed weapons inside a building like Camp Randall Stadium, filled with 80,000 people, creates a major security issue.”

UW System President Ray Cross issued a statement Tuesday.

“We take the safety of our campus communities very seriously and know that our legislative partners do as well. We have significant concerns and questions with this proposal and cannot currently support it. We are, however, actively engaged in a dialogue with the legislative authors, Regents and campus police professionals to ensure our concerns are addressed,” Cross said.