UW-Platteville working to address substitute teacher shortage

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — UW-Platteville is taking action to address a substitute teacher shortage by putting together a new program to put students on the fast track to the classroom.

The university is giving its students the opportunity to get their Associate’s Degree before their Bachelor’s — which they need in Wisconsin to be a licensed substitute teacher.

They also need training, so the school is covering the cost for the training programs. Eligible students can start getting their Associate’s Degree this spring.

With subs in high demand and short supply, schools need those teachers.

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The director of the UW-Platteville School of Education, Dr. Jen Collins, says about 150 to 200 of their students would qualify for the new program.

“It doesn’t solve the bigger issue. It is a bit of a bandaid, but it does get someone in a class for a teacher,” Dr. Collins said.

The earliest these students will be able to get to the classroom is next school year. But once the program is up and running, they can add substitutes three times per year.