UW-Platteville students could face punishments, even suspensions, for not social distancing

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. – Students at UW-Platteville could face punishments, even suspensions, if caught not social distancing, a university spokesperson says.

Currently, 35 students have tested positive according to spokesperson Paul Erickson.

“We’re actually pretty good for universities our size,” he said. “I’m knocking on any piece of wood that I can find that things will continue to go this way.”

Erickson says the university had taken into account that some students would get sick. However he says after leaders learned of plans for an off-campus party circulating online last week, they had to take action.

“That’s obviously something we don’t want to see happen,” he said.

The university spokesperson says students caught partying or not obeying social distancing rules will be referred to the dean of students.

“I don’t know if him going out and broadcasting himself is going to make a difference,” said Junior Natalie Rodriguez. “I feel like people don’t really care. They can be selfish.”

Erickson says the hope is to keep the school open for in person learning for as long as possible. However he says this takes students distancing, washing hands and wearing masks to happen.

“It’s on all of us,” he said. “If we want to continue to have face to face classes and take advantage of the university services and stay within as normal of a semester as possible, it’s on all of us.”