UW-Platteville professor to help the children of Syrian war

A sign on the UW-Platteville campus

A University of Wisconsin-Platteville associate professor will be spending six months working with Syrian refugee children at a facility in Darmstadt, Germany.

Dr. Daniel Leitch is an associate professor in the university’s department of education, where he specializes in special education. Leitch’s work has focused on helping children who are dealing with trauma.

“It is a bridge, because I teach in the special education department and before that I’ve worked with young people that have, for example been in trouble with the law or have been through bad home situations or abuse and neglect,” Leitch said.

Leitch will work with volunteers from Helping Hands, an organization working to help Syrian refugees. He will also be working with the university in Darmstadt to help the refugees.

More than 4 million Syrians have fled the civil war in their country, and nearly half are children.

“They get lost in the cracks. They get lost in all of the politics and all the protests this way and that way,” Leitch said.

Leitch will leave for the six-month trip in August.