UW partners with U.S. Cyber Command for cybersecurity education

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MADISON, Wis. — U.S. Cyber Command selected UW to join its new cybersecurity education initiative, officials announced Monday.

The Academic Engagement Network, created earlier this month, is designed to prepare students to assist CYBERCOM in advancing information networks and withstanding cyberattacks.

70 universities are part of the network, which spans 34 states and the District of Columbia.

UW’s School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences applied to join the network on the university’s behalf.

“It’s very exciting that UW-Madison was chosen to be a charter member of this network,” Prof. Barton Miller said. “We have a long history as an academic leader in cybersecurity research and education.”

As a member of the network, UW will have access to information and resources from CYBERCOM, including lecturers, exclusive webinars, and programs from the Department of Defense.