UW Officials Investigate Second Chadima Allegation

University of Wisconsin-Madison officials said on Monday that UW police are investigating a second allegation made against former Athletic Department official John Chadima.

Chadima, the UW’s former senior associate athletic director, resigned last month after being accused of inappropriately touching a student at Los Angeles party, which was thrown for athletic department workers shortly before the Badgers football team appeared in the Rose Bowl.

On Monday, UW-Madison Interim Chancellor David Ward released a statement confirming the investigation into the new allegation, but not revealing any details about it except that it pertained to a man.

“Police have corroborated many of the details of the individual’s story and believe it to be credible. As in the Rose Bowl case, the individual was apprised of his legal right to press charges, but has chosen not to do so, at this time,” Ward said in the statement.

Ward said that police have been investigating the allegation since Jan. 30 and are in consultation with the Dane County District Attorney’s Office.

In the wake of another allegation, Ward said that he has asked former Judge Patrick Fiedler to conduct an independent investigation of “these and any related allegations.” He said that Fiedler would be joined by two investigators.

He also urged anyone with information about any inappropriate conduct by Chadima to come forward.

“We take all reports of this sort seriously,” Ward said in the statement. “The university police will continue to investigate all allegations of sexual impropriety or abuse of power brought to their attention.”

According to a report drafted by a UW-appointed panel that looked into the initial allegation, Chadima was accused of reaching into the pants of a student worker, identified only as John Doe, at this Dec. 30 party, and then threatened to have the student fired after his advances were rebuffed. After the allegations were brought to UW officials, Chadima was put on administrative leave on Jan. 6 and resigned the same day.

He previously had issued an apology for a “lapse in judgment” in connection with the alleged incident. He said he will take full responsibility for his action that night, citing a problem with alcohol.

The new allegations come as a surprise to many who worked with Chadima at the university and in the Athletic Department, said Vince Sweeney, a UW spokesman.

“I worked there for a good amount of time, and I know a lot of people who worked there,” Sweeney said. “I think I would sum up the feelings of most of those people by saying this is quite a surprise.”

Athletic Director Barry Alvarez said previously that he believed the December allegation against Chadima was an isolated incident.

Sweeney declined to say whether the most recent adult male accuser was also a UW student employee. He couldn’t say whether the number of accusations against Chadima would grow.