UW-Madison warns of fake Bucky

Bucky knockoff spotted at State Capitol
UW-Madison warns of fake Bucky
The "real" Bucky

The appearance of someone who looks like Bucky Badger at the State Capitol is prompting the University of Wisconsin to warn fans about the Bucky Badger lookalike.

According to a release, UW officials said the badger that’s been appearing at the Capitol has puffy features, odd coloring and a sloppy sweater.

The university said the fake Bucky costume has been spotted for sale online, and officials are trying to block the unauthorized sale of the costumes.

A Milwaukee mascot maker is the official source of the “real” Bucky. Campus officials ask that fans not treat the fake Bucky the same as they would the real Bucky.

The release states that Bucky doesn’t take sides on political issues.

“Bucky prefers to serve as a rallying figure for all Wisconsinites, and – while it does get warm under all that fur – he’d hate to see anyone wrinkle their nose when he leans in for a hug, a photo or a high five,” the release stated.