UW-Madison to start new health care certificate

UW-Madison to start new health care certificate

Students at UW-Madison will be able to apply historical, cultural and philosophical thinking to health care studies in a new certificate that studies biosciences through a humanities lens.

Rather than having majors and minors, students at UW-Madison receive majors and certificates. The new “Health and the Humanities” certificate is a 15-credit program that consists of five classes. It was designed to give students a fuller and more nuanced understanding of health that complements study in the biosciences, according to the university.

The class, taught by an assistant history professor, will dive into the history of biotechnology, ethics and the role society plays in shaping scientific developments.

The idea for the certificate comes from two pre-health advisors who recognized students were performing well academically and in labs but were lacking a comprehensive understanding of health care, leading to weak scores on the MCAT.

“There’s a trend toward medical schools nationally seeking out students who are more well-rounded,” Nicole Nelson, certificate director at UW-Madison, said in a statement.

The program aims to arm students with the knowledge and experience to interact with different cultures, religions and other various backgrounds while working in the health care field.