UW-Madison to register students during ‘Voterpalooza’

Wisconsin's primary is on April 7

MADISON, Wis. — Get ready. Get registered. Even though recent polls show the Democratic race largely locked down to two, the University of Wisconsin wants to make sure its students are ready to vote this spring.

The Associated Students of Madison group is hosting Voterpalooza from 11:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. at Union South, Library Mall, and East Campus Mall Friday, March 6.

Organizers say the event will energize students and continue to build on the momentum from the 2018 midterms to reach even higher turnout this April.

Wisconsin’s April 7 primary is open, which means voters don’t have to be affiliated with a political party to cast their ballots; they simply choose their preferred Democratic or Republican candidate.

The University of Wisconsin is once again taking part in the Big Ten voting challenge, competing against Big Ten rivals for the ‘Best Voter Turnout’ and the ‘Most Improved Turnout’ in the Nov. 3 general election. Wisconsin took home second in the Big Ten in 2018, falling only to Minnesota.

Students, and anyone who still needs to register to vote, must bring an ID and proof of residence with them to do so.

Voters unsure of whether or not they’re already signed up to vote can search their first and last names and date of birth on the My Vote Wisconsin database. Click here to check your voter registration status.