UW-Madison to have mix of online, in-person classes in fall, chancellor says

Uw Madison

MADISON, Wis. — University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank provided an update Monday on the university’s educational plan for the fall semester.

In a blog post, Blank said UW-Madison will be open for the fall 2020 semester with a yet-to-be-determined mix of online and in-person instruction. While large lectures will likely be taught remotely, Blank said section meetings could potentially be held face-to-face for students who are able to attend.

“In short, it won’t be a normal semester next fall. And let’s be clear, we’re not just talking about the fall semester,” Blank wrote. “As we’re looking forward, we’re preparing for an entire academic year where concern over COVID-19 affects our educational programming.”

Blank also noted that the university is working to determine how to safely bring students back for in-person studies like clinical, field or laboratory training.

The future of student life is also in question, Blank noted in the post. She said the university is still working to figure out a way to safely re-open the residence halls and dining facilities.

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