UW-Madison students involved in hate incident issue apology

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University of Wisconsin-Madison students involved in a hate and bias incident on campus issued an apology Wednesday.

A Native American healing ceremony for sexual assault victims was cut short when students yelled mocking war cry sounds from their dorms in Dejope Hall. A month after the incident happened several students wrote an apology to the campus community.

“To those that were hurt, we can only imagine how you must have felt and how our actions have affected you,” the students said in the statement. “We feel horrible knowing that we have caused so much pain to our fellow peers.

“We would first like to acknowledge how we hurt the women at the ceremony. They were there to receive healing for what had happened to them, and by our actions we re-exposed their wounds and added to their pain. Secondly, the Native American community was harmed by what we did as well. We disrespected and undermined their incredibly rich heritage and culture. Our actions had a widespread impact and affected many members of other communities as well.”

The students go on to say they are not deserving of forgiveness, and they now want to advocate for Native American students, and that they encourage other students to do the same.

None of the students signed the letter with their name. They were not charged with any crime as what they did was protected by free speech. However, the incident was investigated by UW-Madison officials.