UW-Madison student government votes ‘no confidence’ in university PD


MADISON, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Madison student government group said it has “no confidence” in the university’s police department.

The Associated Students of Madison took a vote Tuesday night on a largely symbolic measure that the group said stems from the university department’s role during downtown protests this summer.

The vote of no confidence passed 9-5, with an additional nine members abstaining.

ASM Chair Matthew Mitnick said the group’s vote indicates a discomfort with UWPD’s operation, and the policies they have in place. ASM Grant Allocation Chair Samuel Jorudd was the member who brought the vote forward.

“We have given a voice to those who have fought too long to be heard, and I’m looking forward to working with UWPD on how to renew trust between them and students,” Jorudd said in the statement.

UWPD Chief Kristen Roman responded to the vote in a statement Tuesday night saying that she was disappointed.

“I’m disheartened. I say with the utmost confidence that we can be trusted,” Roman said. “But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. The UWPD is comprised of human beings, not badges and uniforms. Human beings who endeavor every day to serve our community with honor, with integrity, as guardians promoting safe and healthy communities, treating those we serve with empathy and respect. That truly is who we are.”

She said she’s disappointed her department wasn’t given the opportunity to engage more with the students’ process before the vote.