UW-Madison recommends study abroad students self-quarantine at home for 14 days

UW-Madison Bascom Hall

MADISON, Wis. — After suspending study abroad programs in China, South Korea and Italy, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is advising those returning students to self-quarantine.

As coronavirus continues to spread, officials still believe the risk to faculty and students is low.

According to a news release, UW is asking those students returning from study abroad programs to stay at their permanent addresses, and not go to work, class, athletic events or social gatherings for 14 days.

They should also monitor for fever, cough, and difficulty breathing following their arrival.

“We do not anticipate the majority of these students returning immediately to the UW-Madison campus. The university is providing direct support and resource information to all students who will be transitioning back to the U.S.,” said Jake Baggott, executive director of University Health Services, said in the news release.

On Monday, a UW student studying in Italy told News 3 Now that officials from UW hadn’t told her yet what to expect once she gets back to the U.S. She assumed a self-quarantine might be a possibility.

UW officials said if there is widespread transmission of the coronavirus in the U.S., campus activities could be limited.

They’re also encouraging people to “act with empathy and understanding,” pointing out that coronavirus is not specific to an ethnicity or race.

“If you experience discrimination or harassment, we encourage you to report it so appropriate action can be taken,” Baggott said in the release.