UW-Madison police hold training exercise at Kohl Center

Police prepare for active shooter situation

University of Wisconsin-Madison police participated in a training exercise simulating an active shooter Tuesday at the Kohl Center.

The training exercise is held every year for UW-Madison police officers, but it is especially timely considering the shooting incidents in Aurora, Colo., and in Oak Creek.

Tuesday’s training was the last of a series of training exercises that train every officer on the UW-Madison police force on how to handle a situation with an active shooter on the loose.

“From the chief down to officers, everybody in our department is trained to respond to active shooter events, because we don’t know who’s going to respond, who’s going to be available when the incident happens,” said Capt. Michael Newton, of the UW-Madison Police Department.

While officers have gone through this training before, this is the first time the department has used the Kohl Center.


The setting presented challenges for officers, as there were many more hiding places and nooks and crannies.

But officers said they need to be ready for something like this anywhere, especially at a place like the Kohl Center where there are large numbers of people.