UW–Madison graduate programs receive top rankings

U.S. News releases 'Best Graduate Schools' list
UW–Madison graduate programs receive top rankings

According to a release, the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate programs are ranked highly in the 2019 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Graduate Schools.”

“The fact that so many of the graduate programs at UW-Madison are ranked is a testament to our senior leadership, who foster an environment of academic excellence; our outstanding faculty and staff, who lead cutting-edge research programs; and our creative students, who bring curiosity and vibrancy to address the most important questions that society faces today,” William Karpus, dean of UW-Madison’s Graduate School, said

Not all programs are ranked every year. This year’s ranked programs are:

Business was ranked 37th for top MBA program; 32nd for part-time MBA program. Ranked specialties include accounting (25th), marketing (24th) and supply chain/logistics (24th).
Education was ranked second. Ranked specialties include administration and supervision (first), counseling and personnel services (third), curriculum and instruction (first), education policy (third), educational psychology (first), elementary education (fourth), secondary education (sixth) and special education (10th).
Engineering was 20th. Ranked specialties include biological/agricultural (14th), biomedical/bioengineering (21st), chemical (seventh), civil (16th), computer (13th), electrical/electronic/communications (15th), environmental/environmental health (17th), industrial/manufacturing/systems (seventh), materials (14th), mechanical (16th) and nuclear (fifth).
Law was ranked 27th. Ranked specialties include clinical training (31st).
Medicine was ranked 28th in medical research, 14th in primary care. Ranked specialties include radiology (14th).
Nursing was 28th for schools with a doctor of nursing practice.
Public Affairs was ranked 23rd. Ranked specialties include health policy and management (10th), public management and leadership (12th), public policy analysis (15th) and social policy (fifth).
Social Work was ranked 11th.
Biology was ranked 18th. Ranked specialties include microbiology (first).
Chemistry was ranked ninth. Ranked specialties include analytical (third), biochemistry (eighth), inorganic chemistry (ninth), organic chemistry (14th) and physical chemistry (ninth).
Computer Science was ranked 13th. Ranked specialties include artificial intelligence (20th), programming language (ninth), systems (seventh) and theory (20th).
Earth Sciences was ranked 15th. Ranked specialties include geochemistry (eighth) and geology (seventh).
Mathematics was ranked 16th. Ranked specialties include algebra/number theory/algebraic geometry (11th), analysis (11th) and logic (ninth).
Physics was ranked 17th.
Statistics was ranked Department of Statistics (16th) and School of Medicine and Public Health (24th).