UW-Madison freshman class reaches record number

Percentage of students from Wisconsin also highest in 7 years
UW-Madison freshman class reaches record number

The University of Wisconsin-Madison reports its entering 2012 freshman class is its largest to date, with 6,279 students enrolled. UW-Madison said in a release Tuesday that total applications have increased by more than 4,000 compared to five years ago.

UW-Madison received 29,034 applications for freshman admission, a record for the school.

The university stated new students from Wisconsin make a new record this year with 3,515 students or 56 percent of the entering class, the largest resident enrollment since 2005.

Other enrollment numbers include modest increases: Undergraduate enrollment at the university is up minimally from 2011 at 29,119 and total student enrollment is also up slightly at 42,818 — 377 more students than last year.