UW-Madison changes COVID-19 operations starting May 10th

Safer Badgers App Screenshot

MADISON, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Madison is changing its COVID-19 operations May 10th ahead of the summer term.

The spring semester introduced the Safer Badgers app.

Students and staff were required to present a green badger badge to access campus buildings. 

According to UW spokesperson, Meredith McGlone, positive COVID-19 cases on campus have remained relatively low while vaccinations increase.

“Were making a number of changes for summer operations that we feel are consistent with health and safety,” said McGlone. 

Starting May 10th, the campus community will only need a green badger badge to enter specific buildings. COVID tests that were required every three days are down to once a week. 

UW-Madison junior, Sabine Hansen, is excited for a hopeful fresh start to her senior year.

“I’m definitely excited as things reopen and I can get back to my previous college experience,” said Hansen.

As the university makes changes to their operations and reopens campus sites to the public, they encourage individuals to continue using the Safer Badger app and keep track of symptoms.

“You’re going to see campus looking and feeling a little bit like pre-covid times,” said McGlone.