UW-La Crosse Chancellor Gow flies with the Blue Angels

Gow checked out the campus area

UW-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow flew with the Blue Angels in La Crosse on Wednesday morning.

Gow said a Navy recruiter on campus nominated him for the VIP flight experience.

Gow shared the GoPro video of his trip with News 8. His flight lasted about 40 minutes, but here are some of the highlights in the 6-minute video attached to this story:

00:00 “The canopy is coming down.”
00:10 Takeoff
00:40 360-degrees slow roll, then fast
02:00 upside down
02:28 plane banking
02:50 6Gs
03:10 2 loops
03:24 large loop
04:12 weightlessness
04:45 Gow views the UW-L campus
05:51 plane banking; 6.2Gs

The Blue Angels were practicing in La Crosse on Thursday for this weekend’ Deke Slayton Airfest.