UW Housing to pack and store students’ belongings left in dorms

people with moving carts

MADISON, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Madison will be bringing in an outside shipping and packing company to pack the rooms of about 4,000 UW students so that the university can be prepared to accommodate potential groups in need of special housing provisions during the COVID-19 emergency.

Students were initially advised to come pick up their belongings from campus after the university’s decision to move it’s spring semester instruction online.

However following Governor Tony Evers’ Stay At Home order the university canceled all move out appointments and suspended student card access to the dorms.

University housing officials said that while students won’t be allowed on campus–for their own safety–they may reach out with concerns about their belongings to residence life staff who will address them on a case by case basis.

“If they have any specific items that they have concern about or that they want us to pack in a special or if they want give any direction to us about that they can certainly email us,” said University Housing Director of Marketing and Communications Brendon Dybdahl.

Dybdahl also said that while there are currently no specific requests or proposals to utilize the space the state of Wisconsin has asked University Housing to be ready in case the need arises.

“We want to be prepared as possible to help in any way we can and have those spaces be available and so that’s really why we have made this appeal to our students and their families,” he added.

About half of the 8,000 students who typically reside in the dorms were able to move out their belongings prior to the Governor’s order.

Dybdahl said on Sunday alone 1,800 students were able to clear out their own rooms.

According to University Housing there will still be about 600 pre approved students continuing to live in the dorms that have opted to stay based on personal need like access to reliable internet or because of travel restrictions.

Those 600 students will be moved into four residence halls beginning this weekend to consolidate them minimizing staff requirements and freeing up space for other purposes while also maintaining social distancing guidelines.

University Housing officials said they will begin the packing process, for those students who were not able to move themselves out, in the next few days.