UW Health, UW Engineering partner to maximize National Stockpile donations

MADISON, Wis. — UW Health announced Wednesday it has partnered with the University of Wisconsin Department of Engineering to design, test and manufacture equipment for frontline workers during the pandemic.

According to a news release, UW Health received 1,000 powered air-purifying respirator hoods from the federal government’s Strategic National Stockpile in March.

The release said the connectors required to attach the hoses delivering air to the hoods were not compatible.

In under a week, engineers from both UW Health and UW Engineering designed and tested a prototype, and had the connectors manufactured and delivered to University Hospital.

The PAPR units are used to safeguard healthcare workers against contaminated air and typically include a motor, filter, battery, breathing tube and hood.

UW Health now has 1,000 PAPR hoods to use in the fight against COVID-19.