UW Health offers toy safety reminders as holidays approach

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MADISON, Wis. — With the holidays closing in, UW Health officials are offering safety reminders when it comes to toys.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said U.S. emergency rooms treated almost 200,000 toy-related injuries last year. Nine toy-related deaths among children ages 14 or younger were reported in 2020.

Officials say it’s important to watch out for toys with small pieces that can be choking hazards in young children.

The most important thing parents and guardians can do, UW Health says, is to make sure toys are age-appropriate.

“There are usually markings on the toys that say what age range the toy is for, but again, keep in mind that toys do break, they come apart, batteries do fall out, so making sure we are keeping a watchful eye on our children as they’re playing with their toy (is important), Rishelle Eithun, an injury prevention manager with UW Health, said.

UW Health says it’s also important to ensure privacy protections are in place for older children who receive internet-connected devices.