UW Health doctor answers man-on-the-street questions about COVID-19

Dr. Jeff Pothof stood on State Street to answer people's questions about the virus

MADISON, Wis. — There are still many lingering questions about COVID-19. Dr. Jeff Pothof at UW Health stood on State Street again to answer as many man-on-the-street questions as he could about the virus.

Here were some of the questions people asked:

“I tend to wear my mask like this (uncovered nose) without realizing it quite a bit. Is there a big downfall to doing that?”

Pothof: “Yea so if you don’t cover your nose, you are actually reducing your mask’s ability to catch those droplets that would be coming out of your nose. The other thing is if you were in an area where there was COVID present, you would suck that right up through your nose.”

“Is there a surge or a spike in COVID cases?”

Pothof: ‘So what we are seeing right now is in the Madison Dane County region, we’ve seen at least a couple of days of cases leveling off a little bit and we don’t know if that’s because of the mask mandate or what’s driving that. When we look at the rest of Wisconsin, it doesn’t look so rosy. We are still seeing a lot of people contract COVID-19.”

“How do I stay safe in school?”

Pothof: “School will look very different this year. At some point, if you get to go back to school, there are a few things that you kids can do to keep safe. So one, is to wear a mask. And that can sometimes not be fun but it keeps you and your teachers safe. The other thing that can be really hard to do in school is not horse around with your friends and touch each other and be really close together”

We also got the chance to ask someone visiting from Turkey what other countries see when they look at how the U.S. is handling COVID-19.

Man visiting from Turkey: “So bad. They are looking so bad to us with COVID.”
Pothof: “So they think we aren’t doing a very good job?”
Man visiting from Turkey: “I think not.”

Most people who asked questions walked away with a bit more knowledge than they had before, and with a good message to walk away with until next time.

A Madison woman said, “All I know is, I’m going to listen to scientists. I’m going to listen to doctors. I’m going to listen to the experts.”