UW Frat Responds To Racial Slur Allegations

A University of Wisconsin-Madison campus fraternity that received an interim suspension following a report of a racial incident involving two African-American female students and members of the fraternity is responding to the alleged incident.

UW-Madison Dean of Students Lori Berquam and Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate Damon Williams called the allegations against members of Delta Upsilon “deeply troubling.”

University officials added that the alleged incident involved fewer than five members of the fraternity.

UW-Madison officials are investigating the allegations. In the interim period, Delta Upsilon Fraternity has received an emergency suspension from Berquam, to be affirmed by the Committee on Student Organizations

The Delta Upsilon International Fraternity issued a statement Thursday about the investigation.

“Delta Upsilon International Fraternity is investigating the alleged incident at the University of Wisconsin and working closely with university officials and chapter leaders. The alleged incident is incongruent with the mission and values of Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Cultural insensitivity is not tolerated by the Fraternity and members will be held accountable,” said Delta Upsilon Fraternity Executive Director Justin Kirk in a statement.

Two female students reported walking on the fraternity’s property at the shore of Lake Mendota in the early-morning hours of March 16 and said that, unprovoked, they became the subject of racial slurs and class-oriented taunts from students who were holding a party on the fraternity house porch.

The women reported that they proceeded to leave, but before they could do so, a glass bottle was thrown at them. No one was injured.

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