UW eyeing Sellery Hall as new location for Amazon package pick-up

UW eyeing Sellery Hall as new location for Amazon package pick-up

University of Wisconsin-Madison officials are considering using space outside a campus residence hall as the new home of a proposed Amazon package pick-up location.

The university had originally considered locating the pick-up spot inside the Red Gym , but changed course after backlash from students, faculty and local business owners .

Omer Arain, the chair of the student government’s shared governance committee, said that while he still has concerns about a private company being able to profit off the agreement with the university, he understands that officials need to look at alternate funding sources to make up for a tuition freeze and decreasing public funding.

“It’s difficult as a university that’s losing public funding to keep up the revenue they need to be a top 10 university,” Arain said. “So that is my one reservation, but I don’t think it’s strong enough to oppose this, or strong enough for the student body to oppose it.”

Arain said that officials have been willing to work with students to find a new home for the space. The space inside the Red Gym that officials had originally proposed would house the facility was instead turned into the campus’ new Black Cultural Center, which was unveiled last week.

The pick-up point would allow Amazon customers to have packages delivered to a secure locker rather than on their doorsteps.