UW chancellor calls on alumni to stop governor’s budget cuts

UW-Madison named 25th in world university rankings

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank called on all UW alumni to stop the governor from cutting $300 million from the UW System’s budget Monday night.

Blank, along with about 5,700 alumni from across Wisconsin, sat in on a tele-town hall meeting to discuss the impact the cuts will have on the future of higher education.

One of Blank’s biggest messages was that alumni need to call their state representatives to voice their concerns about the cuts.

“It’s a long time between now and when the budget finally gets voted on,” Blank said. “So we need a steady stream of people contacting their legislators and saying, ‘We need you to think about this.'”

Blank also said alumni should be worried about how the university will be able to keep professors at the schools without a chance to match or trump other offers, plus what the cut will do to tuition rates.

“We are in the quiet phases of launching a major fundraising campaign. We’ve already announced some gifts from our alumni. Our alumni are very involved in the university and are very generous, but those gifts come in slowly and they aren’t going to fill a huge budget hole by next year,” Blank said.